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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

ഇലഞ്ഞി / Elengi tree

    Elengi tree
English name - Bullet Wood, Spanishcherry
Hindi - Mulsari
Botanical name - Mimusop elengi
Family - Sapotaceae
Vegitative Propogation - Seedling, Cuttings and Layering
Edible and medicinal Plant
 Used Part -
Stem bark,leaves,fruit and Seeds
                                       A ടmall to large ever green tree, grows up to 15 m high.Generally charactacterized by a short, dark and very rough trunk and wide spreading, the end of which tend to rise and forms a thick globular head to the tree.
                                                                                      The bark is used for colling, a cardio tonic, alexipharmic, stomachic,anthelmintic,tonic,astringent wich cures biliousness, diseases of the gums and theet. The flower is colling, aടtringent to the bowles are used to cures biliousenss,liver complaints, diseases of the nose, headache, their smoke is good in asthma. The fruit is astringent to the bowel, good for the theeth, causes flatulence.
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