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     Anish Nellickal® is an Environmental activist, Blogger, Wikipedian, and Nurseryman Nellickal  Nursery® Plant Nursery Founder in Ponnani Malappuram Kerala India. Read More 

Anish nellickal is an environmental Activist, Blogger, Wikipedian, and Nurseryman in Ponnani Malappuram, Kerala India

Protecting endangered tree species and saving them from extinction, as an answer for the issues raised as part of Global warming and climate change, we intend to protect forest areas and do afforestation programs.

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“Forestation is a social commitment. On World Environment Day every year, saplings are planted and forgotten. Climate change will impact the lives of future generations our stable home will be flooded over. Our water will be dried out. Our crops won‘t be able to grow because of the increased heat. Our oxygen will be limited as deforestation continues.”