Fruit Gardening

   The mango tree, jackfruit, and tamarind trees gave us fruits in abundance. I have never heard of anyone giving them water or fertilizer. Time has changed and many of the fruit trees today are hybrids. If it is not properly cared for, it will fall apart. Climate change is the worst. 

When choosing plant material for fruit trees, we should check whether it is compatible with our climate. For example, peaches, sabarjili, plums, apples, etc. are grown in Kanthallur in Idukki which is very high above sea level, when they grow and bear fruits in that season, should those in other places try to do the same? When purchasing planting materials from agricultural nurseries, you should understand whether they are tropical plants or subtropical plants. Also, it is necessary to look at and understand the methods of vegetative propagation such as grafting, budding, layering, seedling, etc. Also, if you try to understand the English names of the plants you are buying, you can search on the Internet and get more information about the plants.

Lychee fruit tree grows in all fourteen districts of Kerala, but fruiting is seen only in Wayanad district. There is also industrial-based agriculture. If the avocado is grown from maximum bud seedlings or stone graft seedlings to a large tree, the problems of leaning branches and falling off can be avoided. the tree Early fruiting. While setting up the fruit garden, special care should be taken to plant timber wood plants such as teak, mahogany, etc., keeping a clear distance from the wall or fence.

Fruit trees like Malabar tamarind, mangosteen, and nutmeg trees are plants that need a little shade. Also, if some plants such as pregame oiltree, neem tree, etc. are planted and cared for in the orchard, organic pesticides can be prepared for various types of diseases found in plants. If you don't have water for irrigation or irrigation systems, it is better not to start an orchard. Fruit garden construction is an ongoing program. A lot of green lust, and some nostalgia. With noxious edible fruits and fresh air, we can turn back the times with this incredible horticulture.